Tuesday, May 02, 2006

She looks haggard

You go away for a fortnight and what happens? The tectonic plates of magazine publishing start to shift, that's what.

First of all the sleek and shiny new version of She appears to be underperforming (pace Media Week) and it has definitely lost its sleek and shiny relaunch editor (reported Press Gazette).
Of course there was a flurry of action in this market lasy year and it looks as though Conde Nast's decision to support Easy Living with constant advertising was less of a sign of desperation than a planned strategy (according to these figures, at least).

Then Burda takes over Essential Publishing and starts shaking the whole joint down. As well as deciding that printing presses are no longer necessary to his businesses it appears that Herr Hubert Burda is wondering about subs - and maybe journalists too.

And finally for this posting, encouraging news for all consumerists: magazine purchasers buy more in supermarkets than non-magazine purchasers. I am sure that this will stimulate all sorts of marketing initiatives but at least my local Sainsbury's should keep my son in Thomas & Friends for the next few years. The only finding I find unfeasible is being able to ring up a bill of only £30.84.

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