Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The engagement of youth: a good sign for magazines

I came home to a great scene yesterday – my nearly 12-year-old son had brought home a copy of FourFourTwo, the totally brilliant football magazine, from his school library. He's already into Match Of The Day and now wants me to subscribe him to both ("Because Match of the Day is really good for transfer news, dad, and this has got more to read in it ...")

And today he had checked out two copies of Flipside, a magazine I had never seen before, produced by the Institution of Engineering and Technology. It's a wonderful cross of Focus and a teen mag with some superbly reproduced photography and an informative but cheeky tone to the writing – check out the website at

Of course he's been brought up with magazines around the house but these he chose of his own accord – in print, not on his iPhone.

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