Tuesday, August 30, 2005


"Think about the conversations we have with our women friends: what do we talk about? We may not call it 'psychology' but that's what it is." Thus launch editor Maureen Rice on the new title from Hachette Filipacchi UK (Indy media section) Well, I don't have those conversations, of course, but to judge by the typical content of other women's magazines it looks as though there will be more Jimmy Choo than Micky Foucault. Then again I haven't yet seen a copy and, let's face it, if the nearest comparison is Emotional Intelligence in Easy Living then the bar has not been set very high.
And anyway, why is it that only women have 'psychologies'?
The female students on Cardiff's PG Dip magazine course insist, year after year, that there is a need for a new kind of women's magazine, but this, different though it may or may not be, does not look like anything they have created. Take a look at this sports magazine for women, for example.Or even better, this.


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