Tuesday, February 07, 2006


After yesterday's meditation on the possibilities of global branding working its way inward as well as outward, here's another launch into Britain from the Burda corporation of Germany: Living and Gardens.

In a recent issue of Magazine World, Burda was praised as an example of forward thinking. His vision for magazines sees the printed versions diminishing in importance: "Printing will not go away, but I do not plan to open a single new printing plant," Burda said. "We now concentrate on using social software to build closer relations with the communities of readers around our magazines." (Magazine World, Dec 2005, p26)

In another development, Media Week reports that GQ, Time Out, Glamour and OK have signed up with Refresh Media (hmm, is it this one, or this one or a different one altogether?) to produce "mobizines" – versions of the titles for mobile phone platforms. The initiative does not quite seem to match at least one of the criteria for mobile magazines posited by Giles Richter, MD of Mobiwave, "Producing a large volume of ephemeral content on a daily basis", but it's an interesting step. More of Richter's thoughts here.


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