Thursday, September 21, 2006

We wuz robbed but they're in The Pen

To the Magazine Academy awards. Most important news, one of Cardiff's three entries got a Highly Commended certificate, so congratulations to the ClubHouse team. (And commiserations to Ladder and Modified, all fine ideas.)
Winner was a very original concept from Goldsmiths, called The Pen. (Ha,ha - this was the url published in the printed version of the magazine – TH .) Quick glance, you think it's about writing, no? Well, it's for guys in prison, a captive audience. Great idea, very well done Goldsmiths.
But (do these grapes taste sour to you?) it was not as well executed as any of Cardiff's magazines, in either content or production. And not so long ago, one of Cardiff's mags missed out on the top spot because the judges, all industry high fliers, could not see themselves taking the idea (a fairly gross mag for teenage boys, since you ask, take a look here) to their boards of directors. They'd take this one? Oh to be a fly on that wall!
The event was, it must be said, very well supported. Had a dreadful mishap occurred, several major publishing houses and a good few of their top titles would be rudderless today. Not to mention the cream of the journalism training courses ...


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