Thursday, October 26, 2006

Convergence, divergence and convergence again

Is this story about What's on TV another example of convergence – or is the media eating itself?

Talking of eating, Nexus Media appears to have gone on a crash diet. In one sense this is not a total surprise since a lot of Nexus's magazines have long seemed to be what might be described as "marginal" – viable when advertising times are good but at risk in a recession. It's always a shame when mags have to close and perhaps this should be seen as a straw in the wind for the magazine industry as a whole.

And this is why it is important to be able to write news, to be able to write for the web and to know how to create a good blog. If Uncut is going down this route you can be sure it's bang in the mainstream now ... and another line of questioning for Mr Kim Hollamby.


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