Thursday, November 16, 2006

Esquire: more upmarket but still with birds

Another reinvention for poor old Esquire magazine. It has tried raunch, it has tried sophistication, it has tried taking women off the front cover and is has tried putting them back on again. Still those pesky young men who flock to GQ and Nuts won't buy it.

Now NatMags has poached Jeremy Langmead from Wallpaper (excuse me if I don't asterisk because actually I don't have wallpaper on my walls so it is not stuff which is all around me) in the hope that he will be able to sprinkle some fairy dust on the venerable but ABC-lite title.

But what I like best about the New Plan To Take It Upmarket For Older and Successful Men is that there will still be birds on the cover. Oh yes. As NatMags chief Duncan Edwards so rightly observes: "To say that intelligent men don't like looking at good looking women is a non sequitur."

Clearly Esquire has just not been putting the right kind of women on the cover.


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