Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Anyone remember what's-it's-name?

Yet another publisher thinks they can crack the market with a magazine for young boys.

This time it's Egmont , perhaps best known for Thomas & Friends and the mag is called Lazer. But rather than monkeyslum-type under-the-bed-grot, Lazer will be filled with aspirational activities. The first issue will be cover mounted with stickers to signify tasks completed, somewhat like Bob-A-Job.

I can't help thinking that if 100,000 boys wanted this they would be joining the scouts. Mind you, it's better than the 200,000 which was Sorted's print run. To quote the estimable
Sorted - closes
May [2004]. Sorted Communications, Brighton. £2.50. Ed: Piers Townley
After just four issues, the monthly for boys aged 12-16 has closed. The fifth issue, featuring a cover interiew with David Beckham, was at the printers. In a report in the Press Gazette, editor Piers Townley (who had been deputy for the launch issue) blamed the profligacy of the founder and chairman Russell Church, saying a 200,000 print run for the launch had been 'commercial suicide'.

And by the way, just what did Xplode sell in the end?


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