Thursday, December 07, 2006

Consolidating the teen market

Sticker, album and comics specialist Panini (nothing to do with bread rolls) has bought Bliss magazine (ABC=213,466) from Emap. Earlier this year the Tunbridge Wells based publisher bought Mizz (ABC=60,130) from IPC.

It is industry wisdom that the teen market has "collapsed" with the rise of MySpace and similar sites (though some magazines are fighting back). Although that Bliss ABC figure still looks quite healthy, it represents a 22.7% year-on-year fall. However, the deal will put Panini UK in a strong position in whatever is left of that once all-conquering demographic space and there may be signs of hope in the advertising market - though not much if Emap is selling.

Panini UK managing director Mike Riddell is quoted as saying: "Bliss will be a major acquisition for Panini UK which will propel us into the number one position in teenage lifestyle.

"Panini will become the second-largest publisher of teenage and children's magazines in the UK.

"When combined with our collectable portfolio, our publishing programme is now unrivalled in the sector."

As many other publishers have found in the past, what mega-players regard as crumbs from the table can provide a very nourishing meal for those with slightly smaller appetities.


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