Friday, January 19, 2007

News Magazines drop the women

Two questions arise from this report about News Magazines – the periodical arm of News International – dropping the idea of launching a women's weekly.

First, is it an early sign of saturation in a rather crowded market?

Second, is it just me or does Maria Trkulja's name crop up quite frequently in association with new projects which don't quite work out? Perhaps it's just a result of the distinctiveness of her surname lodging in my memory. To be perfectly clear, I do know know Ms Trkulja and I am in no way casting any aspersions on her abilities as a journalist, editor or human being – and she has many well documented triumphs in her CV. Perhaps companies hire her to develop titles because they know she will be honest about the chances of success.

Clearly News Magazines, and every other magazine publisher, should be looking to India, which is the world's fastest growing market for glossy magazines (from Wall Street Journal via Press Gazette ).


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