Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More turmoil for Teens

The teen magazine sector will be saying goodbye to another title after the BBC's decision to fold It's Hot.

The gossip-and-entertainment title suffered a circulation drop of 11.4% in 2006, leaving it with a relegation-spot 57,013 copies per issue.

It's Hot never quite lived up to its pre-launch hype:
The new magazine will feature the hottest pop, TV and movies, with gossip, confessions, star photos and quizzes, plus an official EastEnders comic strip. There has already been a fantastic response to It's Hot!, with more than 3,000 readers of the first preview magazine signing up to join the It's Hot! Club before they have even seen the first full issue. (Click here for more of this)

Five years down the line, the publisher claims that It's Hot is unprofitable, which still sounds like an odd thing for a branch of the BBC to say. How long before Top of the Pops, now BBC Magazines' sole old-school teen mag, goes the same way? If it's not because it is unprofitable, perhaps it will be because it no longer has enough "connectivity" with other BBC activities.

Still who's going to complaint about that except Panini, the well known purchaser of struggling teen magazines Mizz and Bliss?

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