Friday, July 13, 2007

Magazine market shows mixed messages

Emap's consumer magazine revenues are down but its digital revenues are up (and likely to increase, according to this report); Reed Business Information is freezing recruitment. The periodicals garden, b2b or consumer, is looking rather like my own garden at the moment: wet, uninviting and populated by unhappy looking plants.

Dennis is trying to drum up interest from its own readers and doubtless Emap will decide that trusting its magazine-centred communities is the sensible thing to do next.

There is also renewed speculation around Emap selling off its tv assets.

Yet, while all this is going on, I keep getting job opportunities posted to me.

Put that together if you can.

Emap results: Yahoo/Reuters, the Herald, MAD, the Scotsman,
RBI: Press Gazette
Dennis: mediaguardian
Emap tv: Yahoo/Reuters

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