Sunday, October 07, 2007

Citizen Kane ups magazine stakes

It seems that NatMags will be making a bid for Emap's consumer magazines, according to a report in the Sunday Telegraph.
If successful this would leapfrog NatMags ahead of IPC, to become the UK's number one in consumer mags, although there might be some overlap between titles leading to a bit of rationalisation. On the other hand, it would give NatMags access to some market sectors where it is currently under-represented.
One of the most interesting things to consider is where is would put the online offerings. NatMags recently closed Jellyfish, the web-only magazine for teen girls, on the grounds that there was no discernable business model. This sounds very like what Emap has been saying over the past few years, so perhaps there will be an agreeable corporate fit after all.


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