Monday, November 03, 2008

Clarkson shares in Top Gear's success

In an interesting addendum to the last post, according to a report in the Guardian (part written by Cardiff Magazine Journalism graduate Owen Gibson) Jeremy Clarkson is on a deal that allows him "to share in the commercial exploitation of Top Gear around the world". That must be a bit like having points in a Hollywood movie.

In another addendum, never, ever mention the fact that the first Lord Rothermere, founder of the Daily Mail, had Nazi sympathies, both with Oswald Mosley's Blackshirts in this country and Adolf Hitler's real deal in Germany. Because if you do mention that fact and the Daily Mail's current editor Paul Dacre hears you (especially if you say it on the radio, for instance), he is likely to go "barmy" ('A source at the Mail said yesterday that when Brand mentioned Hitler, editor-in-chief Dacre went "barmy"') and come after you with the big stick of British newspaper journalism at its finest.
And when I jokingly said that the Mail is a boiling bucket of hypocritical pus, I actually meant to say that it is like unto a whited sepulcre.

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