New men's mag aims for that elusive food-fashion niche

I don't mean to be bitchy or dismissive, but does anyone else discern a certain descending pattern in this sequence:
Vogue, Dazed & Confused and Wonderland
Anyhoo, that was the work/experience of the editor of men's magazine Buck (which made its debut last November and I have just discovered courtesy of this article in the Independent).

By the way:
He [Steve Doyle, Buck's editor] spent a year working in the City in the private-equity sector before leaving the job in July 2007, hoping to pursue the magazine goal.
So we can clearly rest assured that he knows what he's doing as far as money is concerned.

And food too, apparently:

For Doyle, a particular innovation in finding a new audience is the focus on food. "No other men's publication carries such an amount of coverage," he claims. "Almost a quarter of the magazine is food-related."
Anyone remember Eat Soup? (Remind yourself on Magforum)