Friday, May 01, 2009

Print mags for Teens live on

You thought that teenagers didn't read print magazines any more? Well at least one school librarian would beg to differ with you, in this article from the School Library Journal.

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Hi Tim

Heads up from Chris Horrie - we met previously at PTC meetingss when I was at Westminster. I have moved to Winchester University niow which is a greenfield set up with 'fully converged' so all students there are doing video from day one and we are adapting all generic feature trypes to video (and to flash animation). Have a look at

What do you think. There's not much blogging at the moment on the convergence issue in practice as against in theory. PS I see youworked with Wynford Hicks - I worked with him also briefly years ago at LCP and at City.

Yrs Chris Horrie
Hello Chris, I certainly can't Skirt around the fact that we did meet at PTC events!

Must be nice to be able set up without being held back by tradition or reputation.

I am interested in the idea of blogging practice vs theory but there are certainly working journalists blogging about their online practices (their own as well as their company's) - try Adam Tinworth or Shane Richmond and see where they take you.
The lack of reputation is a problem in many ways - but the lack of tradition is much better. I will have a look at Tinworth and Richmond. Cheers - Chris

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