Monday, June 22, 2009

Men's Health explores new iPhone system

Men's Health in the USA appears to be the first magazine to look at ways of exploiting the iPhone's new operating system, according to a report in Advertising Age (and elsewhere before that – see below).

The interesting thing is not that the magazine has an app entirely appropriate for its target readership, but that the app itself can lead to further investment in paid-for content.

This kind of reader/device synergy is something that all titles should have a think about.

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The MH idea is a good one, and in many way it's a pretty easy idea, they have the content already and it lends itself really well to an App. The problem for mags like Guitarist is that we already have all our reviews online, so we have to think up different ways of selling the content. We have some great ideas, but they would all cost money to develop, support and would put the team under more pressure. This isn't a criticism of Future, but the reality is that the amount of cash you're likely to make off an app may not justify the outlay needed to set one up…
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