Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Magazines score marginally better than newspapers

The good news for print magazines in Targetcast tcm's latest survey can be summed up in this short extract:
60% of consumers say newspapers need to change the most to stay relevant, compared to 30% for magazines and nearly 20% for radio.
Then there's this mixed news:
A solid 57% say they prefer the experience of reading a printed magazine over reading a magazine on the Internet. An even stronger 71% would not be willing to pay for an online magazine subscription to replace their printed magazine subscription. Also, only 15% of respondents overall agree that they'd rather read magazines online. Additionally, printed magazines score well in terms of ad attentiveness and purchase influence.
Which goes to prove magblog's insistence that haptics is a very important consideration for print magazines.

Find a proper summary, with tables and everything at mediapost.com

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