Thursday, January 28, 2010

iPad: second and third thoughts

Over at Harvard University's Neiman Journalism Lab, Joshua Benton seems to have had similar thoughts to those in my last post about the new Apple iPad.

And he specifically considers magazines:

Surprisingly little on magazines. A lot of the talk in tablet land focused on magazines — several mag companies have been working on their own tablet concepts, and the design flexibility of the magazine page seems like a natural match for a bigger-than-a-phone screen and form factor. The magazine subscription model even seems like a natural match for something like the Season Pass you can buy for TV shows in iTunes. But magazines weren’t mentioned at all. Several magazines have moved in the one-iPhone-app-per-issue direction, and those apps will be much more impressive on the big screen, but magazines are in the same boat as newspapers: waiting for the iPad ecommerce revolution to arrive.
 Read the whole piece on Nieman's site.

As if to corroborate this line of thinking, Wired's Brian X. Chen and Dylan F. Tweney said:

Apple’s goal is to offer a new platform for content creators to reinvent books, magazines and online content — in addition to offering a new avenue for content producers to make money.

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