Thursday, April 29, 2010

From the PPA Conference 2010: 4

This is an interesting stream from the session Bauer are involved in:

KarlSchneider: #ppa Andrew Kilbourne: Bauer won't be investing in websites with advertising as the only revenue stream - 18 minutes ago

 amayfield: #ppa Andrea Kilbourne, Bauer - would not invest in a title with an advertising only model. - 17 minutes ago

KarlSchneider: #ppa Kilbourne at Bauer: creative solutions & sponsorship, not CPM ads, are the future for ad - 9 minutes ago

sashers: Kilbourne: what are you good at? creative solutions, brand alliance, high maintenance stuff but premium activity. #ppa - 9 minutes ago

amayfield: #ppa Andrea Kilbourne, Bauer - about a year ago had to get over an obsession with scale and focus on what they could be great at. - 7 minutes ago

Update:MediaWeek's more considered take on the above:



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