Friday, June 25, 2010

Magazines are not "easy" newspapers

Two journalists made redundant by the Manchester Evening News have launched a "magazine" website.

I wish them all the best but looking at the site I can't help but feel that this is another example of newspaper journalists thinking that magazines are simpler to produce than newspapers and anyone can do it.

Judge for yourself:
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Hi there,
I'm one of the "newspaper journalists" (Diane Cooke) you mention. May I point out that I have not only worked on a national magazine, but also founded and edited one for the Guardian Media Group. My colleague, Eric Jackson, has also edited and designed magazines.
Neither of us consider what we have achieved as "easy". It's been a long, hard slog and a huge learning curve switching from print to online. But what a great time we're having in the process. Most of our feedback has been positive with the exception of a few agencies who seem to be rattled by how little we've spent putting this together.
And another thing. neither of us was made redundant from the M.E.N. We volunteered.
Best wishes,
Diane Cooke
Oh, and yet another thing. The Natter editor, Eric Jackson, and your good self have something in common. He's also a lecturer in magazine journalism, at Salford University.
Very best wishes,
Diane Cooke
I stand corrected, not that I commented on your particular work histories or backgrounds. I really do wish you the best and I bet that there are plenty of "consultants" who would quake at your cost-effective methods and undoubted willingness to put in the hours.

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