Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Print appears to be alive and well

At the start of a new term at Cardiff University I wander into newsagents looking for something with which to dazzle our fresh cohort. As we are in one of the messiest economic messes ever messed I didn't have high hopes but without trying at all hard I came out with quite a haul of new titles, in print, on paper.

To wit:
Clint – a pulp-style comic for adults who like graphic novels and the movies that derive from them. Features an impressive new strip written by Jonathan Ross and has even roped in Huw Edwards to "present" one section.

Company High Street Edit – a beautifully produced offshoot of Company (and not the first issue, as it turns out, but new to me).

Oh Comely – I'm still not sure what it's about but it's lovely, and independent (and not the first issue again; I bought the second). The website declares "oh comely is a magazine about people and their quirks and their creativity, rather than money and what it can buy".

X magazine – obviously I had to cheat for this one as it's only available in Tesco. However, the fact that it is a tv tie-in/brand extension is interesting, even if all of the people featured in the first issue seem to be connected to Simon Cowell in some way.

I have heard or read about other new print titles (Privateer among them, although £9 for the launch issue seems to represent the outer limits of affordability) so my conclusion must be that the death of print has been much exaggerated.

At least that's what I told the students ...

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