Friday, October 22, 2010

Vice – the future of magazines?

A recent piece in the Independent profiled Vice magazine and its editor Andy Capper.
The article touches so many points that reflect on modern journalism it's worth reading for that alone, even if you're not bothered about magazines (although I assume that most people who stumble across this blog will be).
A few extracts:
This month, Vice's British operation moved into large new offices on the site of a former Shoreditch dairy, opening 25 film-editing suites in the process. Capper, who began his journalistic career covering court cases in Lancashire, hopes to create something of the charged atmosphere of a newsroom. Potentially it will be a magnet for young British multimedia journalists.

[Ian] Hislop is Capper's "main hero", for "how he looks into stories and reports things outside of the Max Clifford world of media". He cites Private Eye as "the best British magazine" and would like Vice to be regarded as "a young person's Private Eye", later expressing an ambition to be seen as "a young person's CNN". 

[Capper] claims that news stories of interest to young people are being ignored by a mainstream media distracted by celebrity journalism. "The obsession with celebrity at every single news outlet has worked to our benefit. You get guys with these amazing stories that no one will print and we become an outlet for them," he says, adding that Magnum, the photographic agency set up by Henri Cartier Bresson and Robert Capa, "send us their stories, where before they were sending them to The Observer or the Telegraph." 
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