Friday, December 02, 2011

Whole lotta Economist

Hey Hey What Can I DoImage via WikipediaLeafing through last week's Economist (you know how it is, always too much to read in seven days) I settled into a very interesting feature about the economic advantages of diasporic communities (Weaving the world together, p 76, 19/11/11) – only to find myself somewhat distracted by the cross heads.

Whoever subbed it had used:

The immigrant song
In through the out door
Bringing it all back home
Going to California
Ramble on

Need a clue? Two words – Led Zeppelin

Whoever you are, thanks for a case study I can use in the second edition of Subediting For Journalists.
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Of course, if I wanted to get a mention in magblog that's exactly what I'd do too. (Even economists don't put a colon in every title.)

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