Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Magazine Brand Definitions, cont'd

"Does the magazine brand transcend the delivery platform?" asks James Papworth on the PPA website.

The answer is surely self-evident – of course it does, always provided that the magazine's Brand Definition includes a strategy for every platform it will appear on. And that means working out what those platform users want.

Interestingly, Papworth notes that a recent study of magazine readers shows they spend 65 minutes with the print edition and 200 minutes with the app version (the source of this data is not revealed but the illustration shows the iPad version of GQ, which may or may not mean anything).

And as he sensibly comments:

This does not undermine the appeal of the printed version. Readers read it for 65 minutes because it takes 65 minutes to read. They spend 200 minutes with the tablet version because there is 200 minutes of entertainment and information to be gleaned.
His conclusion, by the way, is the same as mine. Great minds ...

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