Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Reasons why everything has gone horribly wrong except for those who think it has gone beautifully right

There are so many competing ideas about what is happening in the political sphere and how the media are, or aren't, dealing with it that it's all too easy to become confused.

Here, for your convenience, is a selection of 14 themes. The examples have not been picked on any rational basis and I do not claim they are the only or best of their type. Nor is this list comprehensive – it's just a starting point. They all refer to the American election but can be taken to represent Brexit too.

Which of these ideas matter? Which will endure? What can we do about any of them?

1) Framing

2) Emotion

3) Journalists didn't listen

4) Social media is a bubble/echo chamber

5) No-one listens ...

6) It was rural vs urban

7) It was a search for respect

8) It was about class

9) It was Fake News ...

10) ... or myths

10) It was the FBI

11) It was neoliberalism

12) It was the Russians

13) It was the pollsters (... or the shy voters)

14) It's all OUR fault


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