Thursday, June 22, 2017

A classic of magazine craft on screen

Paper magazine's collaboration with Posture is a classic of magazine craft. It comes in digital form but draws on very traditional tropes and techniques

1) It combines great photography with pithy copy in the form of first person interviews;

2) The interviews are short but revealing and thought provoking (and either the interviewees are very articulate or there has been some first class subbing);

3) The topic is niche, in the sense that it concerns a subculture (or set of subcultures), but socially important. That importance is likely to increase, not least at the influential margins of politics: as the New Yorker's serio-comic explanation of the recent UK general election result (written in the ever-popular quasi-biblical style) noted

And the young people said, Jeremy shall bring peace unto all nations, for he hateth the engines of war that take wing across the heavens. And he showeth respect for all peoples, even unto the transgender community.
And the elders said, The what?

4) The reader comes away having learned something and with plenty of material for contemplation and self-reflection;

5) It makes a whole series of serious points without preaching.

This is the feature (23 photographs):

This is Paper's introduction:


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