Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Web2.0 and magazines

Following that report which said most magazines could make much better use of Web2.0, there's been something of a flurry in the last week or so.

Emap, who splurged massively in this area a few years back and then withdrew rapidly, have bought a UGC business called YoSpace (not like MySpace, then). Oddly enough they have also ordered up a business review from McKinsey, the former employer of such luminaries as William Hague. On the other hand, it may be that they need this because the consumer media business is going to be tough for a while ...

Elsewhere in the Emap forest, they have lost James Mallinson, who was strategy director at Emap2, the "full service marketing communications team" to Monkey, where he will become publisher.

Natmags also has a "full service marketing communciations"-style team which has been hiring. It has just taken on a new head for the "cross-platform central trading division".

Perhaps in a bid to cross those platforms – kids, make sure you use the footbridge – NatMags is reported to be thinking about launching an online magazine for women, much as dennis launched Monkey for men.

As for specific magazine developments, in the consumer sector What Car has hit new heights with its associated site and in the B2B sector Legal Week has found that Web2.0 developments have had huge effects on the readership-community.


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