Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Posh magazines get the once over from posh consultants

Condé Nast Building, seen from Empire State Bu...The Condé Nast building seen from Empire State building. Image via Wikipedia

The New York Observer has a bit of a laugh over McKinsey's scrutiny of Conde Nast. Given CN's stereotyping, the humour is only to be expected, but let's face it, if all magazines were as beautifully made as Vogue, GQ, Wired, etc, the newsstands would be much more pleasant to look at.

However, with ads pages down drastically, the flower and limo budgets may need to be trimmed.

"When the Publishers Information Bureau gets its hands on the total numbers, this is what the percentages will look like:

Allure: down 51 percent
Arch Digest: down 44 percent
Bon Appetit: down 40 percent
Bride’s (Sept/Oct): down 19 percent
Traveler: down 44 percent
Cookie: down 19 percent
Details: down 34 percent
Glamour: down 41 percent
Golf Digest: up 0.2 percent
Gourmet: down 51 percent
GQ: down 31 percent
Lucky: down 36 percent
Self: down 50 percent
Teen Vogue: down 31 percent
Vanity Fair: down 36 percent
Vogue: down 36 percent
W: down 53 percent
Wired: down 41 percent"

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